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Facts about your current job

Not many of us employees often ask ourselves questions, as we are more programmed to answer. Nevertheless, I urge you to answer these next 3 questions:

(Try to be honest with yourself when answering)

1. Would you apply to your current job today?

If your answer is ‘no’, then you are in good company. About 50% of employees, mid-level managers and executives these days feel unchallenged, stuck and disengaged. It’s clear that you need to take action Now! Either quit or stay, but don’t stay disengaged. Not quitting and waiting for something to happen is childish -no offence-

2. Why stay if your passion is gone?

Passion isn’t a passive thing – It’s active. Most probably you got this job because you were good at what you do and loved doing it, therefore passionate about it. If you stopped loving what you do, then by all means quit. But I dare to say if you never stopped loving what you do – you simply got tired from your boss, management or whatever, then that is a different story.

3. If you love what you do, feel disengaged but still don’t want to quit – What would you do?

Re-Start. Start as if you just got hired.


Because the problem is you. You are thinking that “they” (management, company etc.) are the ones to blame because “they” force new rules, processes and reduce your ability to do stuff as you used to do with fewer restrictions. You see, nobody is “doing you wrong” mate. It’s you that feels this way.


Become an Intrapreneur. Bring your entrepreneurial spirit to everything you do. Disagree when you disagree. Push where your heart tells you to. You already know how the company works, so just influence and manipulate whom ever is necessary to transform your ideas into a profitable reality for the company. Feel engaged and challenged all over again. It’s in your hands.

Don’t Quit! Re-Start by becoming an Intrapreneur!

See you in my next post.


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