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Irish Business Network – 29.1 – The Life of an INTRApreneur

Ann: “Would you like to deliver a presentation on the Irish Business Network 2015 kick-off event?”

Me: “Sure! When?”

Ann: “29th, January 2015”

Me: “Done!”

That’s the conversation I had with the lovely savvy businesswoman, Ann Dempsey, the leader of the Irish Business Network chapter in Munich (, for which I’m very grateful.

According to the bureaucratic theory of organization, when everyone does his or her specialized job as directed by the boss, the whole works together and creates value for the customer and the shareholders. This sort of hierarchical coordination once worked well enough. Today, it is increasingly unworkable and become obsolete. The challenge is to find the golden path: to firmly grasp a worthwhile dream in one hand and reality on the other.



Ann Dempsey granted me the opportunity to meet the Irish chaps living and working in Munich, and Deliver a 30 minutes session in which I discussed the do’s & don’ts and the how-to’s in encouraging entrepreneurial behavior in a bureaucratic classic day to day business environment.

I used my personal time-line to provide a 5-Steps-Guide on how to move out of the cubical employee state of mind to an entrepreneurial one, and shared my views on how to shift from a “bureaucratic” and “business as usual” mindset to a more effective and entrepreneurial state of mind.

It was a blast!

Browse the above slides and learn how to grasp a worthwhile dream in one hand and reality in the other. Use my proven 5-Steps-Guide to entrepreneurial success, and make your 2015 the best year ever!

Have a great 2015,



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