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The secret no one told you on how to get promoted

If you believe that your annual performance review is the best opportunity to get promoted – you are in for a huge disappointment.

From some unknown reason, the majority of us employees believe that the best time to get promoted is the annual performance review process. Furthermore, we are certain that we should outshine our colleagues a few months before the reviews start. Because in this way, your boss will have a fresh memory of the better version of yourself when he/she sits down to review you.

This is Bullshit!

Stop being naive thinking your boss is some kind of a jerk you can easily fool. Your boss is your boss because someone up there thinks that he should be the boss – not you. So it’s your job to convince your boss (and your boss’s boss for that matter) that you are ready to get promoted. Not the other way around. And there’s no shortcuts down this road.

What’s the secret?

Before I share the secret on how to get promoted, let me tell you a short story. Many years ago I took part in a conference for CIOs. The discussion was “how to get on the CEO’s agenda”. During this conference someone presented the next slide:

The secret no one told you on how to get promoted

It’s a Gartner’s model for getting promoted. Basically it says that if you increase the company’s profit from your work while having a more positive influence internally – you’ll get promoted. I was enchanted with the idea and decided to read more about the model. Then it became clear – I realized how to do it.

The secret is…

  • Get noticed when “they” least expect it with value you bring to the company. How you ask? Simple:
  • Realize what the company is missing. There are numerous things every company is missing. Pick one.
  • Make your own research to learn about this thing. Talk to employees, customers, partners, distributers, top managers and friends. Use the feedback to learn more about it. Guess what… you’re getting noticed.
  • Figure out by yourself how to solve it. How to fill the gap.
  • Share your idea with employees, customers, partners, distributers and top managers. By this stage you’re noticed alight. Use the feedback to build a presentation.
  • Send an email to the CEO asking him for 10 minutes to present your idea.

If you’re lucky to get a positive response the first time – it’s your real opportunity to get promoted. If you were not lucky – You’re still noticed.

Go ahead start now!

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