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The wrong question to ask yourself before asking to be promoted


Why do we keep asking ourselves the wrong question when we enter the boss’s room to ask for a promotion?

Before you go to your boss and ask for a promotion you typically make a list of reasons in your head why he/she should promote you. Right?

The list contains stuff like: I’m always on time, I stay late, I work weekends, I’m polite, I’m loved by my colleagues, I’m do my work as expected.. maybe you have something to add. But that’s basically is the list.

And you don’t me to tell you that you most probably know already that you boss will reply you with something like “True. But we expect you to be on time, stay late if you have to, work weekend only if you didn’t met your deadlines, be polite, be liked by customers and employees and do you job as expected”.

So why do we keep doing the same things when we know (or guess) that we are asking the wrong question.

The wrong question is “What to I do better?”

The right question is “What value do I bring?”

So next time you wanna go into your boss room and ask to be promoted ask yourself the right question. And only then you’ll have a list of good reasons your boss will have to answer to.

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