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Why (The HELL) would you want to become an Intrapreneur?

This is a question that occupied my mind for many years. Why should I want to work longer hours, fight for resources, share the glory with others and take the blame when my idea doesn’t work out?! I shouldn’t! right?


My 8 years of research demonstrated that there are more than a few reasons to become an Intrapreneur. When I’m asking students this question, I’m always getting answers like “More money” or “A bigger salary” etc. Well, that’s partly true. More money is a big motivation by itself, and I do go about telling them of more reasons than just money. But if we think about this for a bit more – more money creates a different you. in other words: if you had more money, would you be any different?


My answer is a definite yes! you would act differently, be braver, bolder and have quicker wins. So, wanting more money is a completely legit cause. Not only for the sake of more money.


In order to prove my point, I want you to take 16 mins an watch Paul Piff in his excellent TED talk “Does money make you mean?”.Paul is taking a simple game of Monopoly to prove this point. He is a social psychologist and will share his research into how people behave when they feel wealthy.
Enjoy. Learn. Share.


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