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You Are Here

You most probably are familiar with the “You Are Here” note on maps. I guess every traveler is. It’s a simple point on a map that tells you where you are, so you can see the distance to where you want to go, and plan your route.

I wish I had a “You Are Here” note/sign I can check on a daily basis when it comes to planning my career. It’s amazing, but if you think about it, people seldom plan their career. Most of us go to a good university, making our very best to get good grades, find a good job with a good package, work for a few years, go back to the university while on the job to get an MBA and.. that’s it – we think we have what it takes to stay ahead of the game. In reality we don’t – we lose our value every single day like a 100 EUR bill that loses it’s value every single day.

Take a look at the figure below:

you are here intrapreneur
















This figure is your career map and it also shows you where you (most probably) are. But, first thing first. There are 3 circles:

a) the Things You Love To Do circle

b) the Things You Are Good At circle

c) the A Job That Pays Better circle

And these 3 circles have overlapping areas, as well as non-overlapping ones. Most of the people I know are in area #1 (the You Are Here sign). They are doing stuff they love to do for a living, they are good at it, but they have a job that doesn’t pay well. Some of the people I know are in area #2. They have a job that pays well, they are good at it, but they don’t love it – they are bored. Only a small bunch of the people I know are in area #3. And what is so special in this area? Well, this area represents people that understand they have to learn how to do more stuff regardless of their job description, so they can have a chance in getting hold of a job that pays better.

In my opinion, an Intrapreneur will always be in area #3 as he/she will always be in a need to expand on the Things You Are Good At circle. Why? Simply because you can’t change the two other circles. Can you?! You cannot love things you don’t love, and you cannot change the salaries for job you are offered. So the only thing you can do – is to increase The Things You Are Good At circle by learning.

Can you tell in which area you are? Why? And what are you going to do about it?

Let me know in the comments below.

See you in my next post.


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